Guys, guys, why do you dumped someone out of the blue if everything 'seemed' great (at least for the girl)? do you planned it?


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  • Months and months of thought and planning

    • why are guys like that. So one day he was complaining I wasn't texting him anymore and next day he said that he can't see us talking.

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    • why would someone lead u on like that. like saying i want u to come with me, living together if they are going to dump u right away.

    • and it happened time ago, but I just can't believe some people could be like that. I would like to text him just to saying him that.

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  • I don't think it happens suddenly, it can't just happen one fine day I am sure the other person has planned this already, they way the execute the break up may surprise the other person and yes so it might it's coming out of the blue but I am sure the one who wants to break up has been planning for this for days or weeks. It can't just happen that they get up in the morning one day and decide that they want to break up.


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