Should I breakup with my girlfriend? How?

I have been with my girlfriend for almost three years now. We used to hangout every day and we were very attached. For the past few months the idea of breaking up keeps popping in my head. I feel as though I don't love her anymore. Her personality and just her in general annoys me now everytime I see her or talk to her. I don't see a future with her, just her way of life and opinions on things don't match with mine. I can't think of how much it would destroy her if we broke up, she is madly in love with me and very attached. I don't know what to do. We both live at home and go to college so our time together has gone down to two or three days a week. Am I still in love with her? Is it time to break up? How can I break it off without hurting her?


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  • Okay so I've actually been in the SAME situation you are in with my ex boyfriend ! We were SUPER attached & very close but then all of a sudden, one day I just started to get so annoyed with him! Like everything he texted me & just everything & breaking up came to mind & I just started finding faults with him so I knew it was time to break up bc I saw no future with him at all! So I just KINDLY broke it off with him! He didn't want me to but I had to! I don't think you're in love with her anymore! People fall out of love & might not even realiZe it! U just start viewing that other person so different & U realize u don't feel the same about them anymore! U should talk to her on the PHONE! I say on the phone bc texting is not a good way of breaking up with someone bc u might not be able to get everything out via text bc your fingers will start hurting from typing so much! AND I wouldn't do it in person bc things could get very bad! Bc if u do it in person, she may start to cry & hold onto u & try to stop u from walking away from her! But if u do it over the phone, u can say what u need to say without the extra stuff you know? NOW go about it in a way that she can understand! Don't leave her asking "but why? " u want to explain EXACTLT how u feel!!! & don't say "babe or baby" don't use any of those kinds of terms! U wanna start by saying," I've been thinking a lot lately & I care about u as a person, so please hear me out" tell her that u just don't feel the same towards her anymore & U don't feel that kind of chemistry with her & just tell her that y'all can try to be friends but u don't see a relationship with her! If she starts saying things like, "well what can I do to fix it?" "I can make this work" u HAVE to stay strong & stick to your word!! If u feel this way about her, & u go back to her, it will not be in your best interest! U just gotta get the guts to do it! Good luck!


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  • Yes, it clearly shows you are not into her, it doesn't seem like you are attracted to her anymore and when you said you don't see any future with her that should be a red flag, so what are you waiting for? you know you need to break up with her.


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