Guys, Guys my ex says he misses our relationship but won't put in any effort and barley talks to me what should I do? What does this mean?



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  • Don't waste your time and move on. Chances are that there's someone else. That however can't be confirmed so just tell him to be straight up with you. If you don't put your foot down it can be a never ending cycle of "I miss you, I want you back" then putting your hopes up but never moving past that. If they say they care they would act on it fast because they know what they have lost. Good luck

    • Why would he do that tho like jus to get my hopes up? Or what?

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    • So What should I do caue he thinks he is doing nothing wrong and that I'm too much work

    • Again, if he really missed you and the relationship, nothing would be to much work. Now let me ask you... Have you told him what he is doing wrong? If you did and he can't see it then yes move on tell him you need time for your self and that it would be best if he could just drop it and try to be friends (if that's what you want) or just not to contact you anymore

  • Find another fish


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