Depressed after a break up (months later)?

And I mean seriously depressed. I used to had depression (2 times in my life, first when I was a kid and then, at 19 in college) and I was even medicated with zoloft. I left it with a guy like 4 months ago, and I felt great, well first days i felt crappy but then I felt great. But I used to had up and downs because I couldn't get a new job but now I have one. But I feel very low everyday and I want to cry for everything, I feel it's not normal. So, this days I feel like missing my ex but I feel it would be stupid i contact him. But I would be so much better I would have never met him.


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  • Aww so sorry ! * hugs* to you.

    Heartbreak is so painful. You go through lots of different emotions after a break up. All you can do is try to keep you mind on things other than him. Keep active, surround yourself with family and friends. Try something new.

    Time doesn't heal the pain... It is what you do with your time which heals the pain. At the moment your heart is broken and you still love him with all of the little pieces. Your heart is stronger than you imagine, because hearts do heal, and they do love again.

    Depression can be so debilitating , it is a signal that you need to make changes in your life, or you have unresolved issues from your past.

    The one valuable lesson I have learned in life is... never to place my happiness in someone else's hands because once they have gone then so is your happiness. Use this opportunity to be strong... on your own. Xx

    • Things is I'm very active all the day. I went out from home at 8am and then I go back only to sleep. cuz I have like so many things to do during the day.

    • If you find that keeping busy isn't helping then you have to try to accept that. some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

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  • Sounds like you need some fun in your life. By that i mean, taking small road trips, go hiking jist anything that would make feel alive. Make your spirit feel free.


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