Why do I feel nothing after a breakup? Am I in shock?

I was talking to my boyfriend about how we could make our relationship better and how we could fix thing when he texted me and said you know I think we are better off as friends. I'm sorry if you don't feel the same way but it's for the best. I thought that I would be sad or angry or at least any emotion but I don't feel anything. I feel kinda blank. It's scaring me. Why is it like this?


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  • If he didn't explicitly tell you those exact words, you could hold onto your hope by explaining away his behavior (he was just tired, I made him mad) or, when all else fails, reasoning that "he may act like it, but he hasn't actually said so. Since he hasn't, it's possible that I'm over thinking things."

    Unlike the other GaGers, I don't believe you "never really liked him." Maybe you accepted the end so calmly because you've been through so much shit already, or maybe he simply confirmed what you always knew, deep down inside, to be true. Probably for a long time and possibly since the beginning. A woman always knows her man.

    Just because you can't change what is fact doesn't mean that realization isn't painful. I think your emptiness means your emotions will catch up to you. If it doesn't hit you within the next few weeks, talk to someone immediately. Hell, alk to me if you want. Because I DO believe you cared, it would be abnormal not to feel pain, and something could seriously be wrong.


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  • Maybe u didn't really like him or later your going to start crying.

  • Everyone copes with breakups differently


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