Why did a man, who just broke up with me, text me, ask me to lunch, and buy me present? I'm in love, so I want to get him back... Help! I'm confused?

I have been seeing a man for about 4 or 5 months... We've never had a disagreement.. Outta the blue told me he didn't want a long term relationship, three days ago. We are both in agreement sex is amazing.. He told me he cares but we're on different paths.. I was hurt, but very civil and didn't grovel. He did mention he was amazed that I wasn't angry and evil several times.. ( I think his x was that way) I have spoken to him, only because I had to use his car, to pick up a previously perchased item. I have not been emotional all, and contact has been to deal with that.. He asked me to lunch when I picked up the car.. told him I had to take my kid to Dr's., and I was unable to go.
He broke up with me.. I'm very confused. . Since, I have fallen in love with him, If there is a way to get him back... I don't want to screw this up.. He keeps texting me random things... He also bought me a car part.. I haven't thought about ordering. I asked him why he'd do that and he ignored that and asked me another random question? I don't understand why he's doing those things.
Our relationship was going well... I thought.. No fights, weekends togeather, got along great... He was receiving texts from needy ex I saw on accident. . but I never opened them and read them... I don't know if that was a factor?

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If he just feeling guilty... why bother?


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  • Sounds like he just wants to go the friend route. He may very well care for you, but he feels your paths are headed in separate ways. So he just wants to be friends.


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