I'm hurting so bad, should I just give up all hope?

It's been a week ago today that my ex broke my heart and left me for someone else again (technically he's just seeing her with no plans of getting back with her), but my heart still breaks. I want to talk to him to tell him how I feel but he won't care, I'm having a hard time accepting that it's over. The things that he said were so painful. He got angry over some really dumb things and he told me not to text him again. I wasn't trying to make him mad I was just trying to have a conversation with him. Even though he said those hurtful things I remained calm the entire time, I never begged or pleaded for him to come back. The reason why he said we can't have a second chance was extremely dumb. I'm finding myself online every day trying to find ways to get him back, trying to figure out if what he told me was just to push me away, but nothing.

He's in my dreams constantly and I can't get rid of him. I found myself crying this morning because I miss him so much. I know it's only been a week, but I feel like everything is coming at me full force. I've been hoping that he would contact me to see how I'm doing or I'm holding up but he hasn't he doesn't care, he's too preoccupied with her to even reach out to me. I feel so betrayed that he went behind my back again and brought his rebound back. How can I get past this? I want to talk to him, but he told me not to text him again. 7 days no contact is hard, I want him back, but he has her. He said that we weren't ever going to get together. Could he change his mind? I loved him so much i would have done anything for him and he tosses me away yet again. My friends keep saying that he'll come back, but i doubt it. I doubt it, especially with all the hurtful things that he said. I know it's only been 7 days, but I'm starting to give up and lose hope of any possible reconciliation. I'm trying to move on, but I can't stop thinking about him.


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  • First month is the worst. 1st.. Melatonin will help you sleep and its all natural. Get some sleep, it will help keep your head clear. 2nd. Quit making excuses for him, once I stopped doing that for my ex days are becoming easier to deal with.
    I will pray for you..


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  • Honestly break ups are rough you will have your good days and you will have your bad days those are inevitable. We can't control the way people act and or ability to accept how we feel- he doesn't know how to deal with your feelings so he's resorting to the opposite way of how someone should deal. I however think you shouldn't try to contact him because no matter what you say you'll never be okay with it unless he wants to get back together, you'll find all sorts of reasons to talk to him and try to get specific answers that are not there. Focus on yourself, you're only feeling what you feel now- months or even weeks later I promise you will feel different if you allow yourself to have the space you need. STOP all contact. Why would you want someone back who has the ability to treat you like you're disposable and immediately replaceable? Goodluck

    • Some times I feel peace into knowing that it was smart of him to let me go. I've been on his roller coaster for a little over a year now and he let me finally get off, I'm a little happy that I'll get a chance to move on and he won't. I say this because he's unsure of what he wants he went back and forth with me and his rebound. It didn't work out with them after a month of dating so he left a month later he comes back to me with her still in the picture he drops her for me last week he dropped me and picked her. He is afraid of being alone he needs someone to feel that void. I'll be able to move on and be truly happy, him on the other hand will be miserable. I know he'll regret it one day.

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  • What you feel is understandable right now. Everything happened just a week ago. However, I think that you should try to move on, if he left you for another woman he unfortunately didn't want to be with you anymore. So, even though you love him, the best thing for you will be moving on, no matter how hard it is, and find someone who really wants you.

    • He brought the same rebound back that he left me for the first time. He clearly doesn't know what he wants. He's seeing her, but doesn't want a relationship with her. We were suppose to work things out so we could get back together, he starts pulling away from me then 3 weeks ago he brings her back and his feelings for me changed completely. He keeps going back and forth with me and her. Sadly he's never going to be happy. He obviously doesn't want to move on from me or her because he keeps pulling us back in. He's never had time to he's because he keep hoping from one person to another. He's very delusional when he says that he loves her, they only dated a month. He has unresolved feelings he honestly doesn't know what he thinks or feels.

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    • @rainbowdash_262 Just moving on is hard for everyone, but it's necessary to end the pain with the time. If this continues for years, she'll suffer for years. It's better to suffer once for all than keep the pain for even longer.

    • What I'm saying is, she can't move on if she has no support to be there for her and pick up all the pieces. Going through it alone, will take longer to heal.

  • Hey everyone, I know it's a lot but this will point out some solutions for you in this sort of situation and let me know what you think.

    "DON'T MISS IT" If you're in a similar situation as this individual then please read this comment to help guide you the right way.

    If your ex left you for someone else then this is a clear heart breaking clue that they was already looking out for others to progress their sea of future companions and to be even more clearer, I'll paint your picture with new hope by explaining that this should be your own gain, but their loss.

    How is this so? Easy, why would they leave you? Can you pick out things that they did not like about you and if you can't then you do not understand where I'm heading.

    You should know this person that broke your heart. Now take time to wash the emotions away and imagine how much more better off you are now.

    Before you seek somone else, pick up the reasons why your ex left you. This will help you choose a more better individual for romance in the future because no one needs to get back with what would normally hurt you. This isn't hard to understand as it means for you to move on and to clearly define your stance with your ex for chosing a more perfect match next time you get the choice. Hope this gives you something to take and yes we have all been there. What do you think?

  • I do you want someone who doesn't want you? Is that the best you think you will ever do?

    • He doesn't want her either. He doesn't know what he wants

    • A good relationship is built by two people who both have no doubt about who is at the center of their lives.

  • Yes please give all up


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  • You should never give up hope, there is always someone better out there even though you might not think that right now. And trust me I know how you're feeling but you need to try and move on or else you're just going to continue torturing yourself into believing that he'll come back to you one day. Keep busy, maybe find a new hobby. Paint, cook, bake, dance, meditate, do some yoga, be with nature, hang out with your family/friends, meet new people. Honestly life is too short to spend your days crying over someone who doesn't care about you (been there done that) one day he'll realize what a gem he lost and by then honey it'll be far too late but that's his loss. Everything will be fine love, the world keeps spinning. Good luck -xx


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