Does it drive a guy nuts when a girl stops feeding their ego and stops texting him stops all contact?

He was the most dysfunctional boyfriend ever I stopped all contact with him he called me and texted but I didn't reply wonder ifs texting cause he cares or cause he wants attention? Does it hurt men when a girl don't reply to you?


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  • I would say it's upsetting and more frustrating. When I reached out to an ex and she ignored me. Drove me nuts. So I'm sure he is wondering why u won't respond. The worse feeling is thinking your ex HATES you.

    • No, the worst feeling is knowing your ex cares about you and thinks highly about you, but still doesn't want to be with you. Leaves a big question mark.

    • Well if he still cares for you and highly thinks about you.. Why would he do this? Ask yourself that. You don't deserve to be treated like that. Find someone who will appreciate you and show it!

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  • Yes it hurts a lot. When I was struggling with drinking I often lashed out at my ex for drunken paranoia. The day I put down the bottle and made a change for myself AND for her was the day she just cut me off. I freaked the fuck out and assaulted her with messages begging for forgiveness and saying I was trying and that I needed her but I suppose she was so fed up she didn't care anymore. She sent me an angry breakup text a few days later literally the week before I was going to see her. Sometimes people are going through things. It's important to have empathy, talk to them and see what's going on. If it really is just not something you're willing to put up with you should tell him it's over because it hurts a lot when someone you love just stops talking to you for whatever reason. It leaves questions and stirs up emotions and that just makes things ugly.

  • From experience yes it does really hurt, it can mess with my mind, especially if i care.. a lot. don't know about other guys though. Let's say you've been texting a girl right, and you both know you're really in to each other. you text each other nearly every day to see how you're both getting on then suddenly, bam, your girl stops texting you, leaving you confused because guys really care, like I did.
    He may want attention from you but that's the point, maybe your the only person who understands him and he feels lonely when he ain't speaking to you. Course yeah, i guess it's okay to be busy and do your own thing so you have an excuse not to talk to them (not because you don't want to).
    I just hate being ignored because being ignored is the worst thing. ALL you have to say when you don't want to speak is 'don't want to speak right now' or something else across those lines, instead of leaving a guy to wonder if you've just given up or not. it's a horrible feeling

  • It's a typical shitty thing girls do so I wouldn't be surprised


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  • I believe ignoring someone is very painful... if they like you that is. Harsh words hurt people's feelings, but ignoranging them... breaks their heart.

    People hate not knowing where they stand with someone. It makes them frustrated.

    I never ignore guys I like , because it just teaches him how to live without me. He can then move on from me easier.

    If think if he didn't care at all about you, then he would just cut contact, and never get in touch again 😊


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