Girls, What Should I Do?

Ok well this begins around 10 days ago. Me and my now ex partner decided to have the night to our selves and take our son (3 week old) to my partners moms till the morning so we could get a nice sleep because I had a early train to catch as i went to visit my moms for a while since I had been away from her for 2 full months.

Me and my ex had a bit of a argument that night and the people across from us in the block of flats was having a party and one of them ended up throwing a head butt at me. I ended up getting my stuff after this happened and been seen at the hospital and me and her decided I should stay away for a while.

That brings me to today. My partner is very open about everything but since I been gone she has done a lot of things she never normally does. She never makes effort for me and when I've been gone she's purchased a whole lot of new clothes she's changed her password on social media accounts for some reason and she ended me today.

She's been out and her mate had text me and told me she lost her phone but she is very active on social media and then blocked me and the rest of my family on the same site. I have not seen my son for a while and when I ask her to bring him she only ever wants to come alone or she brings up a excuse to not come and when I ask to go to her she always tells me not yet when things have calmed down. And when. I asked her if she would meet me if I came back she replied she don't know.

The day I did leave her mother was writing "glad my daughter had for rid of her boyfriend now she can concentrate on her son" for me it's hard as first time dad and don't want it to head to court but it looks like it's going g to happen. She won't talk to me on the phone or message me on social networks because she has blocked me. I also think she has been seeing other men also. And she had to be stiched up after birth and she now tells me she's got stiched infected and white stuff is coming out of


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