Breaking up by text message?

Is it that wrong to do?

been dating the girl for 5 months, but hardly seen her since Sept. Communication has gone done the shitter...


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  • If you Both have had Barely No 'Communication' then Yes, I feel it is Best from the Rest to push a simple Button on your own End to End this so-called "Weird Relationship" and put an End to your worries, and no Hurries on her own end.
    I would have said differently with face to face if you both were hooked at the hip, but with her not keeping in touch and of course on your own end as well, not doing as Much, Texting a "So long" is the way to Go... It seems way back this relationship went down in the toilet and she probably flushed you away in hoping you got her helpful hint.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yeah. It's also immature.

    • She's also long distance, about 3 hours away. Gotten to point she does not return phone calls to promptly.

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    • Okay, thanks

    • Yw... Good luck.

  • Five months is too long for a text break up.

  • 5 months?

    Even though it is not a good idea to break up that way !


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