My ex just randomly texted me. I don't know what to do. Can you help?

My ex broke up with me 8 months ago. I did nothing wrong. She now has a boyfriend. We haven't talked for over 2 months. (That's about how general I can get without explaining everything).

She said "Hey Will!" And that's all

It still made my heart drop because I never expected to talk to her again.
If you have read my previous questions regarding her posting things on tumblr about wanting to forget about me, this just leaves me further confused.

Please help me. I will give a MHO to the best response asap.
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Here's the question regarding what she has been posting about me.. If you care


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  • I would respond but keep it light and friendly, if she tries bringing up the past or acting flirty then drop it and stop talking to her, especially if she has a boyfriend. You don't want to go down that road.

    • Thank you very much. I should mention that her boyfriend does want me in her life.. He knows how much of an influence I was on her life

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    • Haha I can totally understand the feeling!

    • wow super smart!

Most Helpful Guy

  • What good could come out of talking to her again?

    • No idea? Maybe be friends? I'm close with her family. I'm not hurt over her anymkre

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    • I'm not expecting more. I'm not completely over it, but it doesn't hurt me anymore. Its more of a "whatever" feeling. Thank you for your opinion!

    • Here to help. Good Luck

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  • Oh my, I know how all the feels you're having. :( I read your recent question, too. Don't try to over think it. But honestly, it does seem like she's talking about you. Esp with the recent message. But that message can mean anything. They could be going through some trouble and may want to lean on you or use you. I've seen that happen to one of my friends. I would casually talk to her, and try not to get super attached because she since she does has a boyfriend she can easily just stop talking to you again.. and you don't want to always wait for her. I'll admit, I do that same thing! I lurk on an exes profile and I get ahead of myself. One of my exes, who left me, actually posted "our" song on fb a few weeks after we broke up and I mistook it as a sign that he missed me. But when I approached him about it, he said he posted it cause he liked the song.. and one more thing about her tumblr posting.. she could be posting about things in general, there could be so many reasons :(( but I hope it all works out for you. Sorry if everything is all jumbled up!

    • Thank you for posting. Are you referring about the one regarding the journey and people are meant to stay or leave, but it's all part of the journey?

      I truly think that's about me. There came a time when I was ignoring her. Dissecting that quote, it seems like she was thinking that I was a great influence in her life early in her journey, but now that her journey is changing, I'm not needed. That's what got out of it. Maybe she's trying to push me out, but can't.. And cue her texting me tonight..

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    • And I don't think I even want a relationship right now. I'm perfectly cool with friends for a long time

    • She also responds in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes it's like 2

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