Ex-girlfriend contacts me after being broken up for 2.5 months

So my ex-gf dumped me 2.5 months ago. It was actually the 2nd time she did it. She broker up with me like 2-3 weeks before that, but then she wanted to get back together. Since our breakup, I have completely ignored her and basically froze her out of my communication. She has contacted me on Facebook a few times just trying to get me upset by saying she is dating other guys blah blah blah. It turns out she was lying about it all. I mean she might be hooking up with guys, but she isn't dating anyone. I really could care less cause I have moved on from our relationship.

What I don't understand is her latest email. She is calling for a peace. She told me "no hard feelings, I understand we are going to see each other and we can be civil." This was probably provoked because I saw her over this past weekend. I ignored her and she probably saw me having fun and hitting on other girls.

Question for the ladies...why would she email me that? She has repeatedly sent me messages about dating other guys just to p*ss me off (probably because I wasn't upset about our breakup). She has a history with me to want to get back together after we either broke up or were on a break. Would she be reaching out to me because she misses me?


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  • I think she is more hoping to see if what you guys had was "real." Searching to see if maybe you liked her for herself, and it wasn't just a random girlfriend of yours.

    Basically, she is trying to figure out she is date material, or is just there to be used...

  • No she doesn't miss you, unfortunately she is upset that you are moving on and not upset about the breakup. Her feelings or I should her ego is bruised and she just wants to keep you on a leash until she can get over you.

    She is not worth your time if she does not know how to handle a relationship in the first place, not to mention if she breaks it off and wants to flaunt her relationships with others even though they are lies she is not mature enough to be in a relationship.

    All she will do with you is constantly play mind games - just ignore her and move on with your own life and relationships.


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