Why would my ex call me?

My ex and I were together for almost 5 yrs... he broke up with me over something stupid but we ended up hanging out again, he was talking to someone else behind my back and when I found out he told me he was trying to figure out who he wanted to be with and he picked a girl he just me over a girl he had been with for 5 yrs.. he laughed.. put me down.. was just ridiculously mean to me.. said he bought her all kinds of stuff and went on vacation with her for new years..he crushed me beyond belief, haven't talked to him in 40 days.. haven't seen him in over 2 months.. yesterday he calls me, I didn't answer he left a message saying I thought I saw you so I called and was seeing what's up call me back or ill just talk to you later... ummm guys fill me in! what the heck.. how are you going to act like nothing and we are friends... and figures its right when I have finally been feeling good and going out and being interested in other guys... why did he call.. to make me feel bad and make sure I remain emotionally attached? I don't get it..

just to add.. I'm 23 he is 25..


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  • He's being an insensitive, malicious, selfish, jerk that gives all of us guys a bad name. He has no regard for any one's feelings (especially yours), only looks out for his best interest and what he wants ONLY.

    He might be doing what you're implying, but I think he might've actually forgot about the whole ordeal and just randomly saw you. This only shows that he really doesn't care, nor will he ever. Stay away from him before you get more hurt. Seriously, he needs to get punched in the face to wake up and realize this isn't right.

    • Problem is.. he definitely didn't see me, he said he thought he was driving behind me but he knows my car well, I have a sticker on the back he would know.. soo I'm guessing this was an excuse to call

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    • You know, I'm not really sure why he would play you like that. If he really was that committed to you at the time, it would only make sense that he would at least keep it civil and free of unnecessary drama. Although he might've been very involved and invested in that relationship, moods, points of view, and perception changes when relationship statuses change. You know how married couples are all lovey-duvy and when the get divorced they turn malicious on each other? This might be similar.

    • I see what your saying, I guess you can't really read someones mind so it could be anything, I hope he is regretting it personally... my sister just saw him getting coffee in my neighborhood too.. not sure if it was just a coincidence..

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