Is he seeing someone else?

He was texting me a lot for the past 2 months and made it seem like he wanted me but now he acts distant and doesn't text as much. And he usually calls me on his day off but he didn't, which is unusual.

Should I ignore him if he tries to contact me? Or should I block him? Or just tell him how I feel?


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  • When someone distance themselves it is either because they have issues in their life that they are dealing with, or they are pulling away.

    Don't assume anything until you have talked to him. He may then be able to put your mind at rest about it. His response or lack of response will help you to determine if he is actually backing off 💚

  • who is this you are taking about.. need more info.

    • He is my ex and he broke up with me a few months ago and he seemed like he wanted back but now he seems distant. He did tell me he contacted his other ex who cheated on him and has two children now by the other man and they've been broken up for 5 years now. He even told me last week that she didn't text him back but didn't say anything else. Could there be something going on that's why he is being distant with me?

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    • We were only together for 3 months and he rushed things pretty fast, within 3 weeks he said he loved me, but we never lived together. It's been 8 months since he broke up with me

    • do you know if he is living with someone else?
      how often did you two see ea. other?

      something doesn't sound right with him.

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