Guys - what would you think if an ex unblocked you?

I feel ridiculous even asking this but my ex and I broke up a year ago and I've had him blocked since then. I didn't want him to contact me at all and to an extent, I still don't really want him to. I don't want to have any kind of friendship with him but I do kinda wish we could have some kind of "peace" talk or to just get things out because I didn't understand a lot. There was a lot of love there early on so I feel like it'd be nice to just wish each other well and end on decent terms, but it's not something I NEED to have. I wouldn't initiate it but, I mean, if he knows he's blocked I doubt he'd ever reach out. I just don't want to give him the wrong impression. What do you think?
Wait, what? Haha. I blocked him. I assume he knows I blocked him and didn't deactivate my account but I could be wrong. I'm thinking about unblocking him. I don't think he could've blocked me after I'd already blocked him.

That's a lot of "block" talk lol.


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  • I don't contact exes. I have no idea if they've blocked me, and wouldn't know if they unblocked me.


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  • Sometimes after a break - up people make rash decisions, and regret it later on after all of their emotions have settled down.

    If you genuinely want to have contact with him, then you would have to make your intentions clear to him - if he contacted you. Just so he knows where he stands. His initial thought would probably be that you were missing him

    Sometimes keeping in contact with an ex can become complicated causing you too much stress. Personally, I would never keep in contact with an ex. Write down the pros & cons. Then make your descision. Sometimes it is best to keep the past in the past.


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  • you blocked him... so how could you know that he unblocked you..

    unless you unblocked him?

  • If one did I wouldn't notice


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