My girlfriend wants to break up but neither of us want to. How can I convince her that she's doing the wrong thing?

Me and my girlfriend met at the beginning of our first year at university and we've been together for 11 weeks now. We were perfectly happy with each other and we were very attached to each other, we spent every night together etc. Last week, asked me if I'd like to go for a short walk while she talks to me about something so basically..
She said to me that as much as she doesn't want to do this and as much as she hates herself for this, shed think itd be better if we stayed friends. I asked her why? Is it because she isn't happy with me? Does she not feel the same way about me? And she said no. She said that she still loves me and that every minute she spent with me were perfect and she wants to stay with me. So I asked her why she's doing this?
Her uni timetable next year says that she'll be in uni from 9-6 Monday to Friday. She said that the reason why she's doing this is because she won't have as much free time and she wouldn't find it fair to take time away from me. I said that I'd rather spend less time with her than no time at all as I know that she's the one for me. I said to her that a relationship isn't about how much time we spend together, its the fact that we're there to support each other. I asked her if we could try and spend the next couple of weeks just spending less time together to see how we'd coop but she said that as much as she'd like to, she doesn't want to get my hopes up in case it doesn't work out as she doesn't want to see me hurt again. In the last week, she's been having to deal with a lot of work so she's been tired and stressed 24/7. I asked her how long she's been having these thought and she said that only a couple of days. I said to her that this is something we should have talked about rather than leaving me out if it. She didn't speak to anyone about it either. She made this decision overnight without anyone's opinion on it. Im meeting her today to talk about this but I dont know what I could say that'd make her change her mind.


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  • Dude, if one person wants to breakup, it's usually over. I don't agree that you need to break up, but that is what she thinks will be best for her. Respect that.


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  • Tell her that you don't want to be friends if she decides to break up with you. Then, she'll really have to think about letting you go.


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