What should I do. I'M frustrated as hell?

Well, how do I say this.
I'm engaged to my fiancé for 4 years now and we've known each other since we we're 4. We're childhood friends, best friends and we litterally haven't been apart from each other.
But now for university we've both gone abroad to different countries, and things have kind of split apart, there's a 9 hour time difference between us. And he doesn't often call me, maybe a call once a month. Texts we don't do it. It causes too much communication issues and I become frustrated.
I did something really horrible, I asked him whether we could just break off the engagement. I mean he's the nicest guy out there but he has a lot of problems, (mentally to physically), and he doesn't want to call it off
How do I convince him to talk to me a lot, I need attention from him. I don't really want to break off with him, but lately my uni friend circles (guys+girls) are telling me just break off with him...
I'm really confused and frustrated, I've told my fiance that I want attention but I THINK he either forgets it or just doesn't bother (I could be wrong)
Please give me some advice on this...
And Please don't be horrible, I know what I asked him was horrible. And just for info, I'm the one who wanted to be engaged to him (our culture is different, we don't need to propose, I kind of tricked him into promising to marry me along with our parents, but he didn't mind.)

Marriage is something that's long away, in our culture a guy and a girl can't just hold hands and share moments. It ruins family image. So we get engaged and do what we want. We've been separate since September... (If this info helps)


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  • You both need time off to grow and be on your own. It is normally the guy who is supposed to lead in this and he is not doing it. The one thing you will have to do is be courageous enough and tell him exactly how you feel. The flip side of your own karma is that you tricked him into something and now you are getting what you deserve, so now it is up to you to tell him that you tricked him into something he probably also was not ready for. Also any marriage that starts with a lie is doomed to fail. You must end it with love. And maybe there is a chance of reconciliation at some later time in life. When you are ready


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  • Just let it die. If you've not the will here you won't in the future when things actually do get harder. You just aren't mature enough for marriage yet.

  • Get WhatsApp for calls and texts it works even on 2g so bad connection won't be an issue
    For videos use Google hangout
    Call him every two days and message everyday
    I'm sure this will survive

    • We got all apps. Its just I get too much uni work and I forget that my phone runs on battery, and he doesn't call me unless I ask him to, he will message me once a month but thats it

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    • I sure do 😂😂 maybe a solar one to full time charge it

    • Hahahahahaha best of luck finding that

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