He liked me, I didn't feel the same. Now he's so mean and nasty why?

Long story short
we used to be friends
it was a back and forth who liked who
drama happened
I said some things & then
I wanted to go my separate way
Never talked again

He still cared about me the whole time but I just ignored it. It's gotten to the point where I couldn't ignore. Like cause people were always talking about it even people I knew

So I reached out to him and he was so mean or joking
like pretending he didn't know me but he had lols in the message
I was trying to have a serious conversation

then I hit him up again the next and he's lole
I don't even know what I did
I don't even know you
we don't even know the same people
we haven't even talked since then

I asked him he was purposely trying to humiliate me or something
he said he couldn't even if he tried

after that I was just like whatever
everything you said is true
we don't even know each other
haven't talked since
I don't know where these crazy stories are coming from but you seem clueless
i said sorry

deleted # put on block list
Like I don't understand if he really cares about me as much as he tells everyone why does he act this way towards me?

I was so angry, I really pictured us making up and having a heart to heart but I doubt that's going to happen


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  • He has hurt feelings, and he does not wish to continue the friendship.
    It's fair enough he feels that way, but he is acting a little childish
    Just let him grow up, he might come around

    • I doubt it, 6 months till graduation and we'll never see each other again..

      Do you think he'll go around telling people I never even knew her? Cause now I feel like I look a little crazy.. He's basically denying that he ever felt anything when he told everyone else something different like I'm legitimately confused
      Is this a prank and everyone just made this shit up

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    • Yup you were right
      He called me but I blocked him
      I heard about it later
      Don't feel the need to return it
      Problem solved ^_^

    • With luck, you won't have this much drama in the future xx

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  • A scorned woman can be worse than this, but. . . obviously, some people don't handle rejection very well. Imagine if you had started dating and then broke up!

    • True, I mean it just hurt a little
      Like after all that, I went through
      he's just like I don't even know you

      Here I was thinking we could be friends again
      Guess not

    • When you reject a mate, or potential mate/suitor/etc., it is impossible to be fiends for most people. Rejection becomes anger.

    • I don't understand why it has to be that way but I here this happens a lot so I know you're right

      I just really thought we could survive anything guess not now since he doesn't know me.. "Ouch"

  • Well if you rejected him then he has every right to treat you that way. You are the one in the wrong.


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