Help, I think I embarrassed myself?

I was out the other night and ran into an old friend I haven't seen in ages. It was a great night and we hit it off. But somewhere toward the end of the night, random people in the bar and the bartender just start seeming to have a weird attitude towards me. I slowly got angrier and angrier about the situation and decided to leave. But then, I started feeling like the guy was giving me attitude too (I am not sure if he actually was, or if I was being paranoid cause I was drunk). At any rate, I leave the bar, then decide to go back in, fuming mad and ready to tell him off about something from years and years ago (so pathetic). The thing is, that I don't remember if I actually told him off, or just said bye. I only remember a portion of that last conversation and at that point I was just saying "good to see you" stuff. I absolutely do not remember what I said after that. I am so embarrassed! but mostly don't know how to get closure over this, because I don't know if I said something or not. If I did go off like an idiot, I feel I have ruined what could have been a good friendship over a perceived slight. What can I do, when I don't even know how I behaved?


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  • Explain it to him just like you did here, in a nice email, and ask when you can give him a call.

  • Lolwut.

    • I was so drunk, I dont' remember what I said

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