Can a breakup make you realize how much you love that person and can't live without them?

My boyfriend and i broke up a week ago over communication failing and now that i think of it: insignificant arguments. It hurts because two weeks before this he wanted me to spend Thanksgiving with his dad's family out of state ( all expense paid trip). We also spent a wonder ful day 2 days before where he told me he planned on us watching a family's film next year. And just planning things for next year. He expressed his love for me as always. We both strobgly love each other. We are our first loves and relationship. Do you think during breakup or know of anyone whose breakup resulted in a stronger relationship and realization that they are the one. Both have improved


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  • What was the reason for the break up and who initiated it?

    • Well we have had poor communication skills. Usually argued through text. And he was like it seems everything i do ticks you off basically because i wanted to talk about our relationship and he says people influence my negativity. The fact that i became mistrusting. And he is undergoing a health protocol. He asked me if i wanted out and i asked him that. He told me he couldnt salvage relationship every week. He was like sorry this relationship is too toxic. Before that i told him if i couldnt make him happy then i respect that and there are other girls out there. After he said that our relationship was to toxic. I told him okay then. We go our separate ways. I wished him the best etc. All of this through text. I don't know honestly who broke up with who...

    • by the way we had 2 breaks before that i wanted or somehow i just ignored him. First one was a week. Next one was 3 weeks of no contact

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  • People always have what they don't appreciate and want what they don't have.

    • Exactly that is what my mom told me. She was like he will realize how much he misses you now that he doesn't have you. In a sense i couldbhave appreciated him more verbally, but i did appreciate him through actions and being there

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  • If it takes a break up for you to realize that then you need to sort some stuff out

    • I agree we both need to work on ourselves and issues. But can love triumph over that

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