How do you move on from someone youve known for two years?

Well I met this guy two years ago on social media we starting online chatting, then talking on the phone then to video chatting now this went on for a while. We got into a relationship we would fight and make up talk on and off.. But that all ended Tuesday and I am having trouble coping. Please help...


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  • sorry for what you've been though. at this time it doesn't matter if your relationship were through social media or a personal met, what does matter is to accept that the idea of separation mean it's not the end of your happiness, but you must take a step forward by stop the source of pain. you have to stop feeding the pain by stop using the social media sites for a while and start surrounding yourself by your family, friends (In return you'll get a real love and real feelings).

    make the pain optional thing, so you can choose the happiness

    Good luck...


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  • Ahh, so sorry this happened.
    Time will heal all wounds. Be patient.


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  • If you have never met him in person then he wasn't genuine


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