After a break up, do you want them to text you still or do you never want to hear from them?

how do you behave after a break up men vs. women?

  • i want him/her to still text me or fight for me
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  • i dont want to hear from them ever again
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  • Voted B. After a breakup, I would never want to have anything to do with them. I have maintained absolutely no contact with both my exes, for the past 5 years.

    • thats good shows you're strong. what does it mean if the guy is texting the girl after she broke up?

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    • thanks so much you are so helpful <3 one last question though, based on how he acted when he was my boyfriend, he never liked me right? and why is he contacting me now?

    • Thanks for MHO, much appreciated! 😊

      You're right, a boyfriend who doesn't behave like one, is not really worth it. Such guys usually want a girlfriend just for the sake of having one, and are not really willing to put in the efforts and dedication required to maintain a relationship.

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What Guys Said 3

  • it really depends, my ex girlfriend ended things after being a jerk to me, she moved away to another state and ended things after years of being with me. Later wanted to end it on good terms and remain friends but I didn't accept that because I can't do that transition from boyfriend to a male girlfriend.
    She hits me up every now and then But she's mean and tries to hurt me rubbing on my faces things like I wasn't good enough or whatever. So in my case she's the one that needs to talk to me, chase me, try to fix things or just let me live, because she only hits me up when she wants my attention.

    • sounds like a bitch. ignore her. i also ignore the guy that was a jerk to me.

  • It depends on what caused the breakup. If they were cheating on me or anything of the sort, I wouldn't care about them at all after it but if it was something like a misunderstanding or just that one of us said the wrong thing by accident then I'll keep in touch with them.

  • I say leave them in the dust. I have been divorced now for 19 years and have not spoke one single word to her and have absolutely no reason to change that. We didn't have any kids together so I see no reason to open a dialogue

    • whoa 19 years yea i get, but i meant like immediately after a breakup within a week...

    • Oops , my bad. I guess I'll stand in the corner and see what others say

What Girls Said 3

  • Depends on how the breakup ends for me. Usually I don't want anything to do with the person because he/she ended up being a shitty person who disrespected me. I've only maintained contact with one ex because we only broke up because I was moving far away from him. But even with him I needed space after just to kind of get over that relationship mentality.

  • It depends on how our relationship ended and why. I wouldn't want to be friends with a lying, cheating ex you know? I have befriended only two exes in the past and it was because we ended things on good terms. There was no animosity between us. We still check up on each other every now and again. Plus it's always nice to leave things on good terms, you never know when you'll run into that person again and it'll save you some awkward moments of you guys are at least civil.

  • i dont want to hear from them ever again! I am done! I am going to pretend that he was never real!


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