Not that much self control?

So whenever I get really upset about anything I become kind of mute and when someone asks me what's wrong I don't tell them, but let out the steam in other unhealthy ways like smoking a cigarette, taking it out on someone else, and just a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with the person I'm mad at. I'm just afraid that the person won't understand or think I'm weird for feeling a certain way, leave me, get mad at me, etc, so not telling them what bothers me is a better solution so that they don't then get upset at me either. Except I just end up annoying them, and f***, I don't know what to do about it.


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  • Bottling up your emotions is never healthy. You will feel a big relief once you get your emotions out there. Start caring more about yourself and less what others think. No matter what you do in this life, people are always going to have an opinion. You shouldn't revolve your every actions around that. Let it out! You will feel much better.


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