Silent and Withheld Calls?

I've previously posted a little detail about my most recent break up. It's been 3 months no contact but now I'm receiving a lot of silent and withheld phone calls. This has happened since my ex has been blocked from all forms of social media by friends and family. These calls also happen at weekends. The phone often rings before I have chance to answer and if I do the person on the other end stays silent. They happen on the landline and mobile. If it is my ex what could be the reason behind the calls?


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  • In the UK, you can puchase a device that will filter out these calls. To get through, he'd have to change his number each time.

    There may be other better call blockers. Hunt around.

    • Thank you. How do I get hold of these devices or software?

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    • Yes I will. Thank you so much for your help :)

    • Always welcome!

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  • Maybe he wants to aplogise or misses you

    • He's not saying anything, but 90% of the time the phone rings off after a couple of seconds.

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