Does he want me back or not?

My ex boyfriend and I are talking and he says he dosnt know what he wants in life. He says he still loves me and misses me and looks at my pictures before he sleeps. We slept together a couple of weeks after the break up. He is being nice and sweet but asking about emotions is hard. He says he sees us being back together but he is unsure what he wants in life and when i ask about us he says he dosnt know. Should i be playing hard to get to get his attention back? Should i let him go for good? My heart and my head are saying 2 different things


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  • Go with logic in this case. Your going to spend time playing hard to get when in the end he can say no thanks. He doesn't know what he wants right now and that's reality. Your living in the now. I wouldn't say cut him out for good but just try to forget about those feelings. If later on your single and he is and has his life together then try it. But if you gamble your chances on a maybe you can lose. Who knows maybe while your to busy trying to get with that guy you can mis your chance with an even better one. Good luck

    • Thank you. I needed to hear something like this i think im too focoused on him at this present time insteaf of focousing on myself

    • You're very welcome! I hope everything works out and stay strong

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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Good-bye, my love. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in his own softie spot, there may come a time down the fine love line, where he tells You... He doesn't know what he wants in life.
    This is because with having you IN his Own life, it is confusing to him because on one hand, as a man, he is Missing the Kissing and on the Other, he still is craving his Space without your face.
    You need to take it slow with Joe's flow. Nurse and nurture perhaps a relationship of Friendship and Companionship for now, which doesn't Have to Include "Friends with benefits." This as well will throw a bit more fuel to his fizzy fire and may cause some toil and trouble for you both in the end.
    Playing a bit like the juiciest apple at the top of the tree, hardest to get and grab can also be a helping hand in your hand basket. But no matter what, it is never a guarantee with thee if you both will go back to the "Way we were" and with the comforts of home, with you in it, it may get Too Cozy for comfort and this to is how it May remain the same.
    I realize you may want your cake and eat it 'Two' but in Time, your Mind May have to rule over your heart that could fall apart.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you. It hard on me as he wants me to stay in contact with him and stuff but i dont know how to do it without my emotions getting in the way. I know we got comfy with each other and we both liked being like that but I am trying to find the person i was before we werr a couple. The person he fell in love with

    • So welcome, and being Brokeup is hard because it is like nursing and nurturing things to go back to the way they were before, only better.. However, Now it is a case where he wants his cake and eat it two with freedom and You. xxoo

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  • Maybe right now is not the best time. Give him space, be there but don't over do it. Keep doing your thing and leave him aside, whatever happens, happens. Maybe he can be more determined o his decision in the future, if that's what you really want to know just move on and don't block him out of your life completely. Focus on yourself though, and your own experiences.

    • I am giving him space and thinking about myself. I dont want to ask any questions as yesterday he contacted me and told me a family memeber died. I told him that i am here for him but i don't want to keep messaging him to check up on him.

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  • Did he break up w/you or you broke up w/him? Getting together is a bad idea and once reality sets in one partner may realize what they lost even if they never truly cared about the person. My theory is if the relationship was good and both people cared about each other deeply, the relationship wouldn't end up in a break up. My ex made promises that I knew he could never go through w/, he never said those things until after the break up and I knew that on his end that was just pride because I grew the balls to leave him. I wouldn't analyze if he wants me back, I would focus on moving on, something I have been struggling to do, but I know in the end I would have been miserable.

    • He had a fight and as i was living with him he told me he needed space so i left and gve him his time. As soon as i left he started messaging me telling me how much of a mistake he made and how much he loved me and how he would do anything to make it work. After 2 weeks of not being around he told me he didn't think that we would work again so he dumped me. After no talking for 3 weeks and told me he missed me and our life together and i want to try again and give him the benifit of the doubt that we could work again if we both put in effort. When we were together everything was effortless what we had was amazing. I dont know if he has any idea what he wants and it hurts knowing that but we are still talking and keeping contact

    • I would cut all contact because this way he will be able to play your heartstrings to his desire. This man is playing games w/you and once he can't find anything better he will come back, then will more then likely leave you when he does find someone. It is heartbreaking knowing the person you loved never truly cared about you in the same way.

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