Did I just get played?

Well my ex broke up with me for religion reason and he told me I would have to wait for him. Til he was done with his divorce.. that we would have to be friends. Well we been fighting and I told him I didn't want to be friends. Etc.. I didn't want to babysit his son awhile he went to church classes. Well he kept it from me that he called another girl to watch his kid.. and I was going to be friends with her. Then he asked me if I had sex with anyone else and I said no. And he told me I could go have a boyfriend. Since I didn't want to be his friend no more. Well I went to his house to talk to him. He tell me that the girl was just a babysitter.. he wanted me to let her and he dail her number and his smiling about the whole damn thing? I was pissed off of course.. and I told the girl not to call here no more..


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  • Too old for this drama don't ya think? You are after a dude that you are calling your ex that is going through a divorce? What are you clueless about? Common sense is free you should try some.
    There should be no reason you after a guy that was married to begin with no matter what stage of the divorce it is not final until it is final. So shame on you and then be caught up in his affairs. what's up with that? he did wrong but you are doing yourself wrong getting all tight about someone that doesn't give two shits about you.
    I think you need to get centered and focus on yourself rather than what some dude that doesn't want you business.

    • I never knew he was married until like 3 years into the relationship... when he wanted to be Catholic and took a year took. He just now went back to classes...

    • Took a year off for from classes..

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  • ... And while you were at it here, dear, you should have Taken your own Good Book out the door and Said "No more" along with Ms. Prissy.
    Yes, you were being More than "Played." He took your Kindness and not even Mistaking it for weakness, but for Granted because he knew what a soft spirit kindred you are by far, with you even Waiting around for him to get this Divorce, which Lord Only Knows, Will be.
    Then he tells you he wants your "Friendship" and Lord only can imagine if it still included the Head of his own 'Church classes' by Having you Join him, and not just Babysitting his kid.
    With him Deciding on another to take your place with another face, it Seems he found his own Godly answer to his prayers. He got caught red handed with his under hand in the cookie jar and That... Would have been the end of the Class for me, He could never be trusted Again With... Thee.
    He is not so this Holy Roller but a Sleek Sheep in Wolf's clothing. He is more like a Chat and Chew who you thought you Knew and a Judas who you are perhaps Realizing, with this chickie 'Not to call anymore,' Who actually was your Own Rooster who crowed three times and maybe more before you sent her flying out the door.
    Move on here, dear. I can see why the First is divorcing him. He probably Broke every Commandment in the Book.
    You deserve Better than to be a built-in babysitter and Some loser's sitting duck.
    Tell him to say Ten Hail Mary's and give and no forgive him his walking papers.
    Good luck. xx

    • I'm started to see that.. He already told me that after his divorce that we may or not get back together... His been judging me cause I'm over weight right now. And I'm so far lost 14 lbs and losing weight isn't going to happened over night. He wants me to be Catholic too... I'm feeling this is more about controlling me then this is about love.. if I knew he was married from the start I would have never started anything with him. I find out last year he was married.. so I'm pretty upset by it..

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    • Thanks hun.. God bless. :)

    • So welcome, sweetie, and blessings for your Thanksgiving. xxoo

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