Found it he could have cheated while we were together after the breakup? What do you guys think?

We started going out on new year's and made it official February. We broke up on nov. Well my friend sits in their group at school. Prior to that i had a feeling or fear he might be cheating so i started to distrust him. That is when arguments started. Even though he said he would never cheat. He has always been honest. One time a girl fb messaged him about regretting not being with him while we were in a relationship. Well there was my guy friend's ex, i saw a fb message. I never clicked to see but i confronted him about it. He said that she could have been flirting with him at school or just being friendly. He said they talked at school for weeks i got pissed and then he was like we usually just talk about you. He then said he was put off the next day and how he didn't feel spark that week. Well after we broke up my friend said that their group was talking about how a slut and whore she was. Then a week after our break up she says that one of the guys asked him if she (the girl) had texted him. He looked around suspiciously. I told my guy friend and he asked her andbshe denies things yet she broke up her friend's relationship and sleeps around. I never gave sex or bj to my guy. And i did notice he would begin to be secretive with his phone. My friend said this whole semester he has been always on his phone texting and sometimes smiling down at it. A week before our breakup he was all good looking at me with his eyes of love being smitten and what not. He even wanted me to fly with him out of state to spend Thanksgiving with his family (all expenses paid). And this summer he had an obsession with worling out etc. I don't know it feels like he has cheated in a sense. It hurts what do you guys think?

And once he texted me to know if i had mono? He got checked but didn't since he has a health problem. Ever since that he has been a different guy
Was he cheating on my while in the relationship?


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  • There is nothing here that says he cheated and you sound kind of paranoid so I'm guessing this is more in your head than it is real.

    • But the fact that they had been talking for weeks and he never cared to mention it while he did for other girls. The fact that he stipped at her game with the excuse that he wanted to meet the tennis coach. The fact that his friends asked him if she had texted him already? And him looking suspicious around to see if my friend who is their group had listened. Is that not enough

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    • Well, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. You broke up with him and regardless you had good reason. You should move on with your life.

    • Thank you!

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