Why is she weird as hell?

Gorgeous chick at work has a boyfriend. We've been paired up on a project together for the last 3 months and she's made my life a living hell.

The project requires us to travel together. She went on the first trip and made it known that she was only going on the first and i could handle the rest. We argued and bumped heads on the trip then at the end of the trip we were pretty close actually.

Then we we came back from the trip and went back to bumping heads again. It's like we have this weird love hate thing going on. I can tell she gets a bit nervous awkward around me at first and I probably do to. I made plans for our second trip and she asked me to change them last minute for her and I refused.

So our communication on the project has suffered. I made plans for the final trip she would email asking "who else is going?" I never heard from her and the day before I leave she calls me and asks me when I was leaving (she knew I sent her all the info) and then says have a nice trip.

So so she canceled weekly meetings I had requested. I got my boss involved recently and had her and her boss sit down with us. I could tell she was maybe a bit hurt by this like I stabbed her in the back. But she will do things like always be late to meetings etc. it pisses me off.

So yesterday was miserable. She created a 2 hr meeting just her and I. I messaged her and said I was going to be 5-10 mins late. She shows up 20 mins late saying she was confused on the location even tho set the room and invitation. So I'm already pissed and we spend the first 75 percent of the meeting just disagreeing and going no where. I seriously was like WTF? She would make comments like "once this project is over I'm done" in my head I was like what does that even mean? I get up with 40 mins left and start packing up my stuff like I was going to leave bc I was over it and she starts working with me. We finish the meeting being friends again and working together. I make a comment about liking her boss, but I said her name instead accidentally and she says "oh I am sure you like me right I know you do" then she goes back to being a bitch we end on a bad note and she makes a bother comment "I'm ready to be done with this project so I can turn the page"

why why she acting this way?


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  • Because she doesn't like you and she feels disrespected. You don't like her and you feel disrespected. You made a mistake to go to your management without first having a try at clearing the air with her. It doesn't matter that she has a boyfriend, it doesn't matter that she is attractive.

    If you want to be viewed as successful, you have to make her look successful to. You should go check out this book... crucial conversations... and sit down in a neutral spot to clear the air on an unemotional unoffensive way which means you are going to have to lead and be strong enough to take some of her emotional nonsense so you can get to the core. She has her own point of view and she views you as being wrong in a lot of respects so you also need to be willing to accept her feedback on you.

    • What's her problem though? And not traveling on the project when she should have, that doesn't make sense to me.

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