Not quiet sure where I stand, nor what I should do. This is probably really silly, but I guess I just need to have some perspective?

So this guy and me met over a year ago and he quickly became one of my best friends. Even though at first I really had friendzoned him, he would give me "subtle" hints (a lot), we became an item. We were a great couple, we were best friends and both were very into each other.

He always went out of his way to make me happy, and we were really kind for each other. After 7-8 months it went downhill and we began to fight more, both very emotional persons, and toward the end we gave up, we knew he would study a year abroad and eventhough we still really loved each other we knew it wouldn't have be healthy. I would hear from him every day untill he left the country and now, 3 months later I still hear a lot from him (avarage: 3-4 times a week).

At first he texted me the most random things (like how's the weather, and than no answer until the next day I would recieve a message that would resemble that), until I texted him that I still thought of him, that I missed him sometimes and that I wished him well. After that he kind of opened up more, and told me he missed me and he would send me pictures of our vacations togheter "remember how nice this was...", and I still wake up sometimes to text messages that say that he's thankfull to me because I was so kind to him.
Now from this I make up he's still stuck on me (wich I am obviously too), but when I do initiate contact sometimes I feel he's colder, or telling me he will stop texting me because he wants me to be happy (wich is something I can get really pissed about, my happyness doesn't (or shouldn't) depend on him and he shouldn't just assume this) or he will take a long time to answer (with might seem stupid but I know this guy, his phone is glued to his hand) making me feel like a "poor little girl with a crush".

Should I cut contact and get on with my life (because this makes me sad at times) or wait and see? Would love a guy to tell me if this could really just be him making sur


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  • You need to have the what are we discussion or you need to cut it. No point in hanging in the middle.

    • Thank you for responding! You are probably right! I am such a wuss, I am allways scared and it just seems so strange asking it via text. But untill I see him IRL I will try to keep this in mind :)

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