Why did he accuse me of dating someone else when I wasn't?

Hi viewers,
Well This all started last year in October when i was dating my crush for about 3 weeks i know it sounds stupid and how could this be a relationship but we both liked each other a lot and it was obvious we did so everything was going fine and i didn't really know he was a private guy sort of type so i told a few of my close friends and in a matter of a day a lot of people knew and he wasn't very happy about it i said sorry and we forgot about it. i wasn't at school for a few days due to personal reasons and it must of been on a Thursday my ex messaged me saying apparently im going out with someone else when i wasn't at this point i was really confused and he just dumped me without an explanation just left confused hurt and broken? The main reason i wanted to ask this question was because when i see him i hurt what he did to me and that he could believe this rumour. After we broke up 2 weeks later he had a girlfriend and he was doing the same to them as to me. if you'd like to know we are 14. I asked my friend who is good friends with my ex why he said that i was going out wth someone else was apparently he was jealous and thought i was flirting with another guy when i wasn't. its weird because when we were going out he wouldn't speak to me in person yet online he would?


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  • He's insecure and has trust issues.

    • You think? So he did really like me?

    • It doesn't mean he didn't like you, he's just insecure and young.

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