If a guy says that he can't live with his self knowing how he has done you so wrong. Is he more than likely to back away from the relationship?

From a guys point of view. Why would he fall back from the relationship instead of trying to make it right? but says he loves you more then you'll ever know, but no longer speaks with you or responds to your text?


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  • He feels guilty that he has love for u, but he would never love you the way you need him too.

    • Most helpful. ... thank you :)

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  • It's an excuse. A nice one, but it's bull. If a guy wants to be with you, and truly does love you and care for you, he will try to work on improving his relationship with you, rather than throw it away. He doesn't value the relationship enough to hold onto it. It's not always what you want to believe, but it's that simple.