How do know if there is a chance to get back together with your ex gf? Are there any signs? What's good? What's bad?


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  • there's no set formula cause everyone is so different and relationships are different to different couples... so the only way you will know is to ask her and apologize for your mistakes.

    if my ex came to me and sincerely apologized for his mistakes and owned his faults and told me he missed me a lot and all the good times and may be even bought me flowers i would give him another chance. but in order for the relationship to work, both guy and girl have to make changes, things that hurt each other and stuff.

    • I completely agree with you. I would do all of that just like you said because I'm exactly that kinda guy but she said she wants space. And she said not to text her../:

    • then you have to respect that. how long has it been since she said not to text her?

    • It has been 2 1/2 weeks.

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  • Good sign: she's cares about you whether it be positive or negative emotion. The fact she has emotions towards you at all is good.

    Bad sign: she just doesn't give a shit. Because then she's really done. (Note: just because she says "I'm done" doesn't necessarily mean she is. That just means she's fed up).

    • She's been mad and really emotional for 3 months so I'm guessing that most likely is a good thing. It was a two year relationship that was overall good.

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  • How did the relationship end?

    • 2 year relationship. We both were frustrated. I said I need a break to think, she didn't want a break. She kinda forced me to crack and break it up but I did it out of stress.

    • Oh I'm sorry :( well if you guys were on fairly good terms and especially if you still talk there could be a chance. Do you guys talk or hang out?

    • She said that she wants me and that it would be a lie if she said she didn't. She said she wants me but she has to focus on her school (1 more year). But she won't talk to me and we don't hangout. I know she is still really emotional about it and we only see each other at church.

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