Revenge: should I wait or should I be honest?

long story short, caught my ex texting another girl saying he's single but hooking up with his ex with whom he is in love. Should I just tell him or wait a bit and make him suffer? The basterd broke my heart.
My bf***** not my ex!! Freudian slip 😁


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  • I think you should just confront him, this is not OKAY and I wouldn't be okay with it, its shady and i wouldn't want to be withs someone who is going to lie and down play his relationship in order to talk to other women. If it's not that girl, it's going to be another


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  • Move on shouldn't waist your time for somone who doesn't care much to waist time on you
    Best revenge is success i promise

  • Cut all contact, don't tell him.. or let him see you suffer by taking direct revenge.

    Ignoring someone causes them frustration, because it kills them not knowing why you are ignoring them. Then, in a few weeks if he tries to contact you again to find out why, simply tell him you had met a guy who gives you want he couldn't.

    Don't tell him what that is though, let his mind wonder. Yeah it is lying, but it will feel good making him think he wasn't good enough for you. That will affect his ego , even if he is with another girl 😄

    • Thanks for the upvote!

      Harsh words or revenge hurts a person feelings, but your silence by ignoring them breaks their heat.

    • Heart**

  • Was he your ex when you caught him texting another girl? I would just let him suffer. No point in revenge. He will get his and then you will at least be able to stand back and smile when it does happen.

    • Hey sorry for that check my update! We are dating atm!!

    • Ooooh! Alright, I would definitely confront him on it. Maybe not seek revenge because that would require you lowering yourself to his level! And being on his level is not somewhere you want to be. You want to be one step ahead of him.

  • Move on , time is more important


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