What if you are pregnant and cheated badly?

So here is the some random thought came in my mind think about my present situation.
So here it goes...
Suppose that you recently got into a relationship and you really like a guy.. And you ended up with a wild sex at his place, And finally turns up after some days that you are pregnant. And it freaks him out and runs away.. Turns out that you have to raise your child by your own.. And then you have this innocent introverted guy [your male friend] who always loved you unconditionally but you always took him in a joking way and asked him to chill out and find someone else. he still tries to support you in your condition but he kinda moved on from you. he likes you as a friend but does not want to risk loving you again?'Would you try to convience him to marry you or you would try to deal with it yourself.
What would you do?
[Its totally a personal response so no ones gonna judge you.. Also Dont tell me Its never gonna happen or why would you even think of it... It is just psycological question which needs your response on how would you deal with it///Please dont ruin it by replying something not familier.. thanks for reading]


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  • Hell no that is crazy

    • I mentioned that these replies won't be entertained

What Guys Said 1

  • Wow thats a super shitty thing to do just so you don't have to raise your child by yourself. If you turned him down when he was honest and forthcoming with his feelings because you never saw him like that then it suddenly turning on because you're pregnant or have a child would just reek of desperation to me. I would hope the guy could see through it and understand a relationship with that kind of person would never be satisfying since this person is with you for ulterior motives. Its the same as dating a gold digger, they're not really there for you.


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