LDR: My Ex-Boyfriend keeps messaging me to Skype with him?

Hi guys, so my LDR boyfriend broke up with me because of the distance and everything. It just wasn't working out. After 3 weeks after we broke up, he already got a new girlfriend. She was his friend for a while too ugh. Saw it coming so i'm not surprised but yeah even though, I saw it coming, it hurts like a bitch. So it's been 2 months since we broke up and he always messages me on snapchat randomly like one a week and he's just like hey how's it going? wanna skype? We used to Skype everyday.. But recently he stood me up when i asked him if he wanted to Skype.. He was like just wait for me and he didn't even looked at my message nor did he replied to it. He read it the next day so i figured that he was probably with his girlfriend so i was like okay whatever. I'm not going to bother with him anymore.. Then he messaged me again after a week asking if we can Skype. So the stupid me goes along with it and skypes with him. The next day he asked me "are you still up" and I didn't reply until the next day saying "sorry I was sleeping why?" and he didn't reply AGAIN. OMG this is seriously getting me mad. I just don't know what he's thinking. I thought he doesn't need me anymore since he stood me up on that night.. suddenly he's asking me to Skype him and then he doesn't answer my message again. I'M JUST.. I JUST HAD ENOUGH, i don't know why i'm making myself go through this when I know i just shouldn't even talk to him anymore.. but its just so hard to completely let him go.. you know? I'm forcing myself but i just don't want to feel the pain again..


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  • BLOCK THE MADNESS, sweetie, for Enough is enough... Skype has a BLOCK BUTTON.
    I was Once in a LDR with a Muslim Husband I still have Out in Egypt. After returning home to my own country here, we Continued our Marriage on Skype. However, millions and millions of times of Breakingup and Makingup and Me not going back to the Past that even NOW would be no Blast, I finally pushed my own Button as Fed up as I was Getting Because... I JUST HAD ENOUGH. I NOW HATE Skype.
    LDR are One of the Hardest to have and to Uphold of Any. You see that he is has a girl, is playing around with your head and your heart , so do what I do... Push your own Button and not just on Skype. Pull the plug on Any other Media site that has him and you find NO... Delight.
    Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving. xx


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