The re-surfacing ex girlfriend ! ?

Hey guys, If u have time 2 read this ur opinion will be very helpfull 2 me.

Bit of background first.

I got dumped a year ago. 2gether 3.5 years and it ended due 2 becoming more like friends etc. Although I also knew it was the right road 2 go down for us, im still not over it. After a while I got on with life etc by working, going out drinking with friends etc more than I should, but hey ho dont we all 8-)

I do and have still thought about her most days.

In the year since, we have spoken every few months. Always her contacting me. We just check in ask how the other 1 is doing etc. She has also kept in constant contact with my sister and mother !!

In the past month the level in which she has been contacting me has risen quite a lot. For instance.

Msgn me on the day that would have been our anniversary 2 say '' 2day would have been our anniversary, can't believe its been a year '' my years been really bad I've wanted to call you many times.

Then wishing me happy birthday a week later. Again saying ''cant believe its been a year'' aswell as saying '' we should meet up '' 2 which I replied MAYBE we could in the future.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I get a message in the morning whilst on my way2 work, 2 say '' I work down the same high street as you now. Do you want 2 go do lunch?

Against my judgement I did meet her for lunch. I could tell that she had made an effort to look nice, I on the other hand looked like crap 8-)

During lunch it was nice, a bit of flirting etc. When we were leaving she said ''Im working here 4 days a week now so if you want 2 meet again let me know, and Im using the same gym as you know'' said all with a smile. I replied '' you just can't leave me alone can you '' she answered ''no I cant'' and I know she was flirting.

Few hrs pass and she msgs again saying '' It was really nice 2 see you, it was like I saw u yesterday etc.

Any opinions on her mind set guys?


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  • It's clear she wants your attention but that doesn't mean it's a good thing. Sometimes exes show up to show you how well they are doing and compare to how unwell you are. Not in all cases, but reaching out to an ex is sometimes a comfortable thing since you guys shared so many things together and are still use to each other. These are things to consider if you're starting to rehash feelings knowing it might end badly as it had before. Honestly, if a girl is acting like that, she's showing an honest interest since she could be going out with some other guy, but instead taking the time with you. What you choose to do it entirely up to you, whether getting back together or keeping her away. But if you genuinely want to try again, then accept her offer and hang out a little more. Dress a little nicer and stop showing up as an undesirable, making you only look worse in her eyes regardless of what you think.

  • I've had ex gf's resurface randomly , however this was often in public at bars and pubs , they would sort of show up on nights I felt they knew I might be around and seemed to be looking for my attention. I don't know ex's appear and disappear for various reasons


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