Signs that he is INDEFINITELY over you and no longer cares about your feelings?

Just looking for some signs? List off anything you think may be signs. You can even compare them to signs that he does care, if you like. Will definitely award a MHO ☺️☺️☺️


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  • I think it's hard to say that he no longer cares about you. I think most (respectable) guys still care about someone they were with if it was for a long time.

    • But if things ended badly, surely that would damage things, no? I have an ex who is being vague, but sometimes slightly flirty and even slightly nostalgic with me at times... but it's not enough that it blatantly screams: 'I still care about you'.

Most Helpful Girl

  • - lack of eye contact. He either only looks at you when talking to you out of respect, or he tries not to look at you at all. His eyes might also dart around the room as if he's distracted. This is because he's looking anywhere but at you.

    - lack of physical touch. He avoids situations where he can be close to you or touch you. He may appear uncomfortable when next to you.

    - he talks to other women and flirts with them without looking at you. This means he feels absolutely no guilt for this behavior.

    - he seems genuinely happy and content without you. It's not forced, it's not rushed, it's completely natural.

    - whenever you two talk or whenever you say something, even if it's not directed at him, he doesn't seem to care. There is no reaction from him whatsoever.

    • Thank you for your take :) I just wonder though about the seeming genuinely happy thing... how can you tell if he actually is genuinely happy or not?

    • Well, I wouldn't really know if he's genuinely happy because I don't know him as a person. I would just say if you have that feeling that he really is happy and content without you, he most likely has moved on.

    • Yeah, I'd say he seems happy and content without me these days. From what I see on his Facebook anyway.

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  • If he truly loved you then he'll always care about you no matter what. He can get over you, but he'll care about you.


What Girls Said 2

  • just not caring enough to talk to you or be around you. im just basing this off myself, i get over people pretty fast. like if you try to talk to him about what happened, and he's just like yup. mhhm. oh. and just doesn't seem too into it, he doesn't care. same goes for trying to fix the problem, if he's not so into trying to fix it, doesn't care.

    • Thank you :) he literally won't talk to me about what happened. But he will talk about the good aspects of our relationship :S and he'll flirt a tiny bit.

  • One word replies to messages
    Never calls
    Never answers the phone
    Ends phone calls first
    Makes zero effort unless he may want sex


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