How does divorce affect you?


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  • I think I would be pretty devastated if I was to get a divorce. Especially if we had kids in the picture. Even though I am a guy I think my feelings would be very hurt and it would take a long time to get over it.

    • Would you feel down and depressed a lot or drink?

    • Or be under a lot of stress?

    • I wouldn't be the person to START drinking cause of it. I think I would be under a lot of stress and be affected easily but a lot of little things that remember me of the pain.

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  • -hair loss
    -gain weight
    -don't trust men
    -don't trust people or old friends
    -hard time meeting new people
    -lose kids
    -lose time
    -lose half of your life
    -lose your dream
    -gain freedom
    -gain a new passion along the way but u hace to searxh it


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  • My parents never divorced so it never affected me. But I can see the affects it has on friends, family and people with smaller children. I have had friends go through divorce however. It's an obstacle in life for sure but it's something that can be overcome and you shouldn't let your parents or your own divorce affect your pursuit of happiness for long periods of time.

  • There are so many studies on this that your laziness is inexcusable.

  • I was 25 when my parents divorced. It still wasn't easy to deal with


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