How to stop caring about what tour ex does and about them?

It has been a week after our breakup. We were together for 9 months and started going out 2 months before that. It hurt either way since it was our first relationship. What hurts most is that after breakup i found he probably was cheating on me by chatting with other girls. One in the other side of the country. Regardless it is cheating. And after with my guy bf's ex who was hitting on him while we were in a relationship. Apparently after our breakup him and his friends were talking about the girl calling her a slut etc. And then according to mt friend who sits with them one of the guys asked my ex if the girl had texted him. Obviously somethin g is. going on but my friend believes her lies. It angers and hurts me because that is really fast since i didn't have sex or give him a bj. She sleeps with many guys. But he said he was never the hookup type or he would never cheat. How do i stop caring?


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  • It's a matter of time, I can't tell you you should ignore him or what they say because it's not easy I'm going to something quite similar and it's really annoying to know you shouldn't care but you still do and people keep saying "he doesn't deserve your attention" but it's nothing you can really control. However, try focusing more on yourself, what you would like to do, improve, meeting new friends and enjoying what you have now. You can't do it from one day to another and there is no secret to stop caring. Time will do

    • Yes and what hurts most is that he was probably cheating on me during the relationship. And hooking up with a girl who apparently after our breakup he calls whore etcbwith hia friends yet they ask him if she's texted him

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