Does this mean anything? What do people think? Is it surprising?

There's this guy I love and miss, we dated over 2 years ago until we lost contact, so we ended on good terms. Neither of us wanted to break up or said anything about it. We've had on and off contact over the time, I've ran into him and we've messaged on Facebook. I don't know how we're not together now. Months after the ending, we talked about getting back together and he said "I don't wanna hurt you again" when he never hurt me and he apologized. And the thing is that we've been getting along really well this whole time and every time we talk it feels soooo nice and good, it's such a wonderful feeling and experience. It makes me so happy. And I think normally with break ups it's the total opposite. I feel lucky. What do people say about this? I'm just curious.


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  • It's great you had a positive experience


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