How long after a break up should you wait before dating again?

Everyone's been saying "wait until you're ready" "take time to get over it", but I just don't see myself getting over it any time soon. Should I just bite the bullet, and get it over with even though Im still hung up on my ex.
It's been 2 weeks. We ended on good terms (moved away to a different country) and are still fb friends and chat sometimes, so it feels... I don't know... disrespectful? to start dating someone else so soon after.
Also, it seems inconsiderate to date someone even though Im hung up on my ex, I'm basically emotionally unavailable. But then what if it takes years to get over him? Am I not supposed to date anyone during that time?


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  • Probably a few months at least. Hard to say. If a great person came along the day after I broke up, I would hate to missing out!


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