Ex after two years?

It's been over two years my ex boyfriend cut me off as we had a toxic relationship. Had no contact at all after chasing him. He messages my friend asking to know my contact details to apologise as he can't forget what happened. I told her to say to him that I've moved on and been hurt and don't want to have nothing to do with him now as I'm in a better place. He wanted to meet me. He said ok fair enough she deserves it wish her all the best she's an amazing girl. I thought I'd be nice just to send my email leaving up to him to message but he hasn't. What's the reason behind this?


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  • He has not emailed because you told him basically you don't want anything to do with him or talk to him. He is respecting you and not emailing.

  • Leave it alone... Don't look for reason... Don't be so nice.


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