She really played me like that?

Me and my ex going on 3 years, had got into an argument last month right after the argument she left me. Not even 24 hours she's already with another guy. (She walked out my life so I cut off all contact.) a week and a half go by she starts send me random messages through Twitter (she HAD me blocked when she left me) but I ignored it the first 3 days (ask random question) 4 day she message my best friend saying (do you think I should work it out with him) then she texted me asking to talk. We meet up. She apologized "said" she was deleting that guy out her life and fix things with us. The first 2 days was great we was able to talk, she stayed with me, we laughed, we talk about a lot (when we was hanging out she had posted a pic of us hanging out on IG and the guy best friend she left me for called her and said "why did you run back to him and play my friend like that" she replied "because my ex is where my heart is, if you can't accept it then we shouldn't be friends.). Then the very next day we had plans to meet up, and she ditched me for the guy she left me for again... WTF. I've been with her for 3 years and she only known him for 2 months smh... She smokes. I don't He smokes and she does. (That's one reason they connect easily) I just told her never to smoke around me... I just feel like her friends influenced her to leave me. Because every season she has a different group of friends like her last group of friends loved us together. Now this group just wants her to be with this other guy... I don't know her last words to me was "idk what I want I'm confused" and went straight back to that guy.


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  • Give it up. You can't sit around waiting for her to figure out what she wants. You have emotions too amd she to understand that you can't not be a rebounce or an option! Tell her like it is no matter how much you loce a person you have to love yourself more. How do you expect yourself to be happy with someone you dont even know is really yours. As hard as this may sound you have to move on and let her know you are not waiting any longer.


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  • She was honest when she said " she is confused and does not know what she wants " especially at that age. I would
    Cut your losses and move on, hard to do after a 3 year relationship, but you should easily find better.
    She has no idea what she wants, so don't put yourself out there


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  • Move on with your situation


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