Can I get her back?

If you rush things with a girl the first time, can you get her back? I realized where i went wrong, i rushed the relationship before she was ready and scared her off, do you think she will give me a chance, i started to beg and be needy after the breakup, after i realized that, i back off a little, but i miss her now, and there is another guy in the picture now, they not dating, but i see her flirting with him, i feel its time for me, to make a come back


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  • If you're going to do that make sure you honour her wishes of she says she only wants to be friends. Because maybe her and the other guy are a bit more involved and invested than you know.


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  • Well, you said there is another guy in picture so all you can do is wait and see what happens, I mean if she has started developing feelings for the other guy then I don't think there is any chance for you to get her back, but if she doesn't have any feelings for the other guy then you may have a chance but then it would eventually depend on her.

    However it's good you realize your mistakes so all you can do is to learn from them and not repeat it in future.


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  • It all depends.. If she is really feeling for this other dude you should try to move on if she is not accepting you. Everything happens for a reason and if you really like her I say go for here but do not do anything crazy. If you freak her out anymore than what she is she is not going to want yo come back. be careful and safe tell her how you feel. If it doesn't work at least you tried and try your best to accept it.


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