Do I have a right to be mad?

One of my best friends made out with my ex boyfriend a month after we broke up. at the time we weren't super close friends and I know that it shouldn't bother me because I didn't find out about it till months later but I still get upset by it just because I feel like a trust was violated.

shes my one of my best girlfriends but I can't help but feel upset

btw. I found out not by her telling me but when I said I was a great kisser and she said oh I know. and when I asked how I she would know, that's when she told me reluctantly knowing I would be upset.

should I not care since its in the past or do I still have a right to hold a little bit of a grudge. she new how much he meant to me.


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  • This is like what happened to me around two years ago. I had a boyfriend that my best friend liked but she never told me. But me and him dated for about 7 months and I fell for him.

    When I was out of state visiting my cousin, he called me and dumped me on the phone. Like he wouldn't of waited. But anyway I called my best friend crying and her tone of voice seemed like she was happy. I didn't want to leave my cousin, so I wouldn't have to deal with the drama back home, but I had too.

    A month later, my best friend and my ex boyfriend were dating. It killed me, I was completely broken, and she even know I still loved him, she told me "sorry but I have to do something for me for once." Yeah that's what she said. So I tried being friends with her and tried hanging out with them, but I couldn't handle it anymore. That's when I completely ended our friendship and just tried to move on.

    Now to this day, they are still going out. It still sucks seeing them together still, but I got over it. Me and her talk a little bit but I will never trust her ever again, and will never forgive her, and she knows that. I will always have that hate towards her. But It's not just her fault too, its my ex boyfriends too.

    But really if you move on and NOT hold a grudge then I promise you, you will be okay. Go and find a new guy and I'm sure he will be better than the other.


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  • Why would you feel upset if a girl made out with your ex a month after you broke up? How long should she have waited? Had you declared to the world that you hate your ex? In that case you have the right to disown any friend who makes out with him.


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  • I'm pretty sure the charter of rights and freedoms grants you that. And if you feel mad, then be mad. It really wouldn't matter if everyone told you not to be mad, in the end you'd still feel how you would. So talk to her about it and let her know you think what she did was sh*tty.


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