Guys, how to tell him I caught him red handed cheating?

PLEASE don't judge. I am leaving him, I just don't know if I should show up as the girl he has been chatting/sexting to, have one last romp and then tellhim its the last time, Just tell him that he has been talking with me, not three different woman? We have been together for a year 1/2. I even told him 2 weeks ago if he was bored with me and wanted to date others, told hi I had a pit in my stomach that he was seeing other, He denied it... Looked at ad he put up and told me it was taken down... it was not... he just lied to me.. WTF? Then kept saying we have a good thing going and he din't want to change it, I guess I have been his Sunday girl. He was my affair partner... how screwed up is that!! I even told him that only scummy guys would cheat on thier mistress... He is supposed to meet one at a our hotel (I am out of town) but he is actually talking to ME... BUSTED

He is an alpha male with huge ego, not sure if I want to be blunt and to the point, (I have been emailing him under 3 different names) or let him guess how I found out.

My stomach hurts, feeling like vomiting.. UGH


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  • Did you say you are his mistress? That would mean you are cheating already with him?
    If so you have nothing to say. what did you expect.
    If I am confused then I guess you have a legit reason to sneak and trap. I can tell you this if even for one second of thinking I cannot trust the one I am with I wouldn't want to be with that person. It is just not worth the time. Definitely not worth anything.
    I can say there is no love in this relationship so to be in that situation would make my stomach curl already.
    I would just stop all contact with him from all your personality's lol... It would be fun to watch him struggle throughout but the best burn is you stop contact without giving a reason. he obviously doesn't deserve a reason. that would be the best burn.


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  • So you're saying he's cheating with YOU and now with even other women? I mean it's fucked up he's cheating at all. Obviously he is a cheater since he is with you

  • Yas. U should. there's no needa stay with pigs. U know better 👌🏼


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