Is it ok to feel this way? Why is he doing this with someone else in the picture?

So im feeling this way and I know I shouldn't. My ex boyfriend is dating someone new for 6 months already. We have been through a lot over thre past 10 years dated and broke up went our own ways and then recently dated again. broke up again because he thought he wasn't good enough and was living off me because he couldnt find a job due to being deployed for awhile. Like i said we been through a lot and he got a new girlfriend really quickl after me so its a rebound as i see it. I don't know if he has feelings for her or what but he has told me once that he's not over me bt I don't know if i want to believe it. He says things about her but yet tags her in things on fb and such prob to make it seem like he's still into her. And i know we should have never done this and yes i know some people will criticise me for it but we did have sex with each other a few times, since they have gotten together. Well the holidays are coming up and now im feling it mroe and missing him more. Is it bad that i miss him and kind of want him back in my life. I don't know iof it would ever happen but just saying. I think we have so much history to just give up things. We experienced a lot over the years from personal stuff to us supporting each other with a lot. We came back together before it could always happen again. Not saying i want it but if it does i wouldn't mind itIs it bad that im feeling this way or want this. I don't know what he's feeling. I know you dont cheat on someone you love and he obviously is cheating on her. Like i said I don't know how true his feelings are to her or to me.


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  • You need to put space between you and him. You are bad for each other. He is cheating on his girlfriend, which makes him deceitful and untrustworthy, and you can't ever expect him to treat you any better. I know the fantasy that "it's because it's you, and he would only do that with you", but the fact is, he's a cheater, and he is allowing himself, and you, to be disrespectful and deceitful. That is a bad influence for you, and he isn't going to actually commit to a relationship with you, clearly, if he's staying with his girlfriend. Neither of you have the decency to own up to what you're doing either, because it isn't something good, or honorable, it just shameful (not my personal judgment, but based on the fact that neither of you have taken responsibly for your actions). Wise up. Walk away. Respect yourself enough to know that any man who actually valued you and respected you, wouldn't do that with you, and think about how his girlfriend would feel.


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