Guys, Can I fix it if I got jealous?

I've talked to a guy all day every day for almost 3 months. We live 3 hours apart and met one time, ended up sleeping together. I got jealous after his fb interactions w a few other females and now he says we live too far for it to have ever worked anyway. What can I do?
His reasons are that if I got this jealous now it would only be worse if we dated, and the distance.


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  • If you feel jealous, think you are a queen and find some other guy!!

    • Thing is, I never even got the chance to know him. I overreacted and regret it now because I still really want to.

    • Think he is good for nothing!! and move on!!

  • Sounds long like he wanted a little slap and tickle and that was all.

    • We planned to spend the weekend together again but didn't because we were arguing.

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