If someone has moved on why do they feel the need to let you know?


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  • To get a reaction out of you..
    If they need to tell you they have moved on, they haven't at all...

    If you have moved on, you wouldn't even waste your time to let them know tbh

    • What if the reason I am distant is because of his game playing. He didn't want me enough when he had the chance what do you recommend?

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    • He mentioned it online, I refuse to beg it's un becoming, I think the best plan for me is to get on with life and if he wants to be part of it then he should come to me. I just hate being in limbo. I think he is someone who usually get what he wants and it isn't humane or equal to me.

    • Feel free to pm me on this by the way

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  • either to get a reaction from you or to make sure you got the message and move on too!


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  • To shove it in your face. Lol, but I'm mature enough to stop the childish games, and move on like a real nigga.

  • Perhaps to hurt you


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  • My guess would be that it took them a long time to get over the person and by letting them know they are getting a sense of closure (feeling more finalized in a way) :) I had a guy do the exact same thing but I guess everyone moves on in their own ways :) Usually for me I sulk for a week or two (even if I'm the one who initiated the breakup, lol). It doesn't feel good regardless and usually I end up staying friends with my exes but I'm not ready to move on until a few months (I have no idea why) lol :)

    • It's only been hours

    • Oh, well you get the gist ahaha :) You didn't specify in your question :)

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