Rebounding or actually moved on?

So, my boyfriend and I broke up 3 weeks ago. And so we dated from freshman to junior year (it's currently the 1st semester of junior year) so anyways, we were super close, and he was my best friend, and we did love each other. So, this year we were fighting all the time. Like every single day, but we still loved each other. So anyways, I broke up with him (thinking maybe he would change and try to get back with me) he ended up getting over me in like 2 days. (That's what he said) so like I was going crazy for like a whole week. I would talk about it to everyone, text and call him, and like try to fix things. I then talked to him in person one day and he told me he was happy, enjoyed being single, and doesn't think we would get back together. But, he said that he misses memories and having someone to talk to all the time. He blocked me on ig, snapchat, and so we unfollowed each other on all those things. I'm like 98% sure he's talking to a girl he met two days after our break up, and he told me (while we were still speaking during the break up) that they were just friends, but he told me he was gonna do do something with her, but never did. So anyways, like some people say he's over me completely, and others will say that he's just really hurt and still cares. And I saw him Friday before the weekened and when we saw each other we started smiling at each other (like we used to) so I thought that was a good sign. But anyways, on Twitter he tweeted saying that this new girl is his but she doesn't know it yet and so I was like yeah ok I'm so done with this, and obviously you're done with me so bye. (He unblocked me on Twitter by the way, but I doubt he stalks me on my Twitter and stuff) so anyways, he deleted the tweet and that's basically everything. Like yeah I still love and care about him, and I know I should move on, but it doesn't feel right moving on. But like I should because I think he's already moved on and likes another girl, and I'm just not sure if he like actually likes her and is happy with her, or if he's just rebounding and trying to make me jealous... help :))


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  • Damn, this is so weird! Last year, my ex girlfriend and I went through THE EXACT SAME THING, except the Twitter thing.. I don't fuck with Twitter. But, I honestly don't think I will have enough writing space to tell you exactly what he is thinking because your relationship is hella similar to my ex. My ex told everyone about us, wanted to start over, I fucked her over for breaking with me, I started not caring and all that, dude.. Talk to me! I got you on this one!

    • Hey yeah tell me about how you feel! Like it just sucks because I want to move on cause I feel like he moved on, or at least is trying to. But I just feel like this whole breaking up wasn't the right timing and it shouldn't be happening and so like I don't want to move on. And I talked to him today actually and he was responding right away (this is the first time we talked in a week) and he said that he doesn't hate me, and I kinda like wanna give him his space the rest of this year and then like try to work things out senior year if I still have feelings for him, but ugh I don't know what to do haha

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    • I wonder, what is your name anyways?

    • I have been wondering since the question popped up

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  • what can i say! Talk to him! stop asking and writing and overthinking when you can just ask? If he wants you work it from there?


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  • Its really hard to say. Im in the same situation as you where my girlfriend of 3 years has moved on to someone else within a day of me breaking up with her. I told her I wanted her back but she "wants to see where things go with this guy". She said she loves me and all but its really hard to believe that when people do such a thing, right? I know how you feel but I guess you should probably try move on and if its meant to be then things might just fall back into place for you


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